Annual Airport Users' Consultation

Annual Airport Users’ Consultation 2019

SO.G.AER. S.p.A., Cagliari Airport management company, has redefined the airport fees for the 2016-2019 period drawing on the provisions of the “Model for the Regulation of Airport Fees for Airports with Traffic between 3 Million and 5 Million Passengers/Year" (hereafter referred to as “Model”) issued by ART.
In accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 5.2 of the above mentioned “Model”, SO.G.AER. S.p.A., Cagliari Airport Management Company has scheduled the Annual Airport Users’ Consultation for 28th October 2019 at 11:00AM at the Cagliari Airport  Business Centre (2nd floor of the air terminal). All the Users(^) who have operated at Cagliari Airport during 2018 are welcome to the public hearing.
The Annual Users’ Consultation is also valid  for the purposes set in the Guideline Enac nr. 2018/001 Ed.n.1  concerning the PRM fee.
During the Annual Airport Users’ Consultation, Cagliari Airport managing company will illustrate the Annual Information Document, in accordance with provisions of Paragraph 5.2 of the Model, and the PRM Annual Information Document, in accordance with provisions of Paragraph of the Guideline Enac nr. 2018/001. 
Starting from September 30th 2019 the Annual Information Document and the PRM Annual Information Document will be available for download. Users who already possess accessing credentials may use them to access documentation. Airport Users interested in obtaining accessing credentials, must follow the instructions below:

  • Send an e-mail to indicating "ANNUAL INFORMATION DOCUMENT 2019" in the subject line, with attached the confidentiality agreement (download here) duly filled out, stamped and signed by the Legal Representative
  • Wait for the confirmation e-mail containing your personal ID and password in order to access the documentation. SO.G.AER. S.P.A., in consideration of the confidential information contained in the Documents, reserves the right to deny access in justified cases (e.g. users who do not qualify as interested parties in accordance with the law).

Click here to download the Annual Information Document 2019 and PRM Annual Information Document

In order to allow SO.G.AER. S.p.A. to organize the meeting in a timely and accurate manner, Airport Users are kindly requested to confirm their participation no later than October 18th 2019 by writing to indicating “ANNUAL AIRPORT USERS’ CONSULTATION 2018” in the subject line and indicating the name and function of the delegate (written proxy is recommended for participation and to be able to exercise the right to vote in relation to the PRM fee).

The responsible person in charge of the procedure is Renato Branca, Chief Operations Officer and Accountable Manager So.G.Aer. SpA.

Data submitted for the annual Airport Users’ Consultation will be treated in compliance with EU REGULATION 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

(^) An Airport User is defined as any subject, individual or legal person, involved in air transport of passengers, mail and/or cargo, to and from the airport in question.

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