GA Handling

The freedom of flying every day of the year, every hour, with every type of aircraft from the smallest to the B747 always counting on our highly specialized handling team, able to ensure the utmost standards of safety, efficiency and punctuality.

We grant our clients full passenger assistance with boarding and disembarking formalities, during Police and security checks, through customs, baggage claim and delivery, and further on to aircraft transfer.

We also provide full crew assistance: weather folder and NOTAMs collection, taxes and fees payment, pre- and post- flight apron activities. General Aviation Cagliari has a dedicated radio frequency and internet access.

The handling company provides services such as:

  • Follow Me, Marshalling, aircraft parking
  • Loader and Fork Lift
  • Pushback and towing of aircrafts
  • JetA1 and AVGAS fuel
  • Toilet and water service
  • Internal and external aircraft cleaning