Safety Management System

Sogaer gives the highest priority to airport operations safety and has therefore activated a Safety Management System, which is intended to manage any possible risk connected to airport operations, in order to prevent aeronautical problems and incidents.
ENAC (the National Civil Aviation Authority) defines the safety management system (SMS) as a "system that will ensure that airport operations are conducted under predetermined safe conditions, while assessing the effectiveness of the system itself in order to intervene and correct any deviations from them".

Starting from 2007 Sogaer has implemented its SMS on the basis of requirements set up by ENAC, in order to obtain the Airport certification. The Safety Board has been created which aims to discuss operational safety matters and to evaluate safety development actions.

Safety Policy

Sogaer’s safety policy establishes that “Sogaer gives primary importance to airport operations safety and has therefore activated a Safety Management System which aims to obtain the best efficiency of all efforts undertaken for the safety of passengers and airport users. Sogaer promotes all the initiatives and behaviours in order to achieve the highest safety levels, an essential element for the evaluation of company performance at all levels.”

Cagliari Airport’s Safety Committee has been constituted in 2007. It is an advisory committee presided over by Sogaer SpA, whose members have decisional autonomy, are responsible towards third parties and are chosen among the top managers of both public and private organizations of the airport.

The purpose of the Safety Committee is:

  • To involve all airport operators in safety objectives
  • To analyze and propose solutions to safety issues.

Safety Report

One of the main features of the SMS is the Reporting System. Every exceptional event contains elements which if appropriately identified and examined, may become the basis of corrective measures that allow to prevent the recurrence of the problem. Sogaer encourages the participation in its Reporting System of all airport operators by asking to fill in a safety report to describe any event which may have affected airport safety.

This form is not just an important way to communicate and accurately describe the events, it also allows an exhaustive examination of all anomalies in order to prevent the recurrence of similar events in the future. The correct use of the Safety Report ensures proper attention to every single event.

The Safety Reporting System has great statistical and analysis value in helping to prevent accidents. Should an accident occur, Sogaer SpA (C.O.S.) must be immediately informed. The form may be submitted by sending a fax to 070/21121439, by sending an e-mail to or by inserting it in the boxes located in the airside (see red arrows on the pictures below). The form may also be anonymous. Personal data, if included, will be handled in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 regarding Privacy.

The Safety Report form in Italian and English is downloadable by clicking on the attachment below


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