Project Autism

Autism, travelling through the airport

Cagliari Airport joins ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) project Autism, travelling through the airport

This project aims to make all the operations that must necessarily be performed at the airport before travelling by plane easier and more accessible for persons with autism and their travel companions.

What is normal for many, may be a great source of stress for individuals with autism and their families.

The project developed by Cagliari Airport and ENAC, with the support of Diversamente Odv Association, has two steps:

1.    Before the trip:

  • Persons with autism and their travel companions can visit the airport and get to learn the process in advance with the assistance of trained staff.
  • Explanatory materials (brochures and visual guides), made for an easier understanding of the different airport steps of the journey, are available to everyone who wants to prepare for the experience comfortably at home.

2.    Upon arrival:

  • In order to help trained airport staff to discreetly identify the hidden disability, gadgets will be given to travellers with autism allowing them to take advantage of dedicated faster routes.

To request a preliminary visit at the airport, please contact the Special Assistance department by email ( or phone (ph. +39 070 21121241, mob. +39 366 5625923) at least 7 days before the trip.

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