Travel documents

Before the flight, it is very important that you check if your photo ID and other travel documents are valid and meet the requirements of the carrier, immigration and other authorities at your destination. Always carry your personal ID and travel documents with you and be ready to show these if asked by local authorities, immigration officers and carrier’s staff.

ID card

A valid EU National Identity Card which has been issued for travel on international flights, generally allows travelling among EU countries. For travelling to some non-EU countries you may also use your EU National Identity Card if you are travelling with a group on a travel agency organised tour holding an official hotel voucher. For further information on the requirements of the country you intend to visit, please check with your national Foreign Office.


For EU citizens: a valid passport is required for travel outside the EU. Passports must be valid for the period of intended stay. According to the countries of destination, visas are required.

From 12th January 2009, it is mandatory to obtain the authorisation on the ESTA-Electronic System for Travel Authorization website prior to travel to the United States of America on the ‘Visa Waiver Program’ (for citizens of eligible countries).

Driving licence

Driving licences are not valid travel documents for travel outside Italy. Once abroad, passengers must prove their identity with a valid ID card or, if required by Immigration Authorities of the destination country, a valid passport. Please note that some carriers do not accept driving licences even for domestic travel within Italy.

Travelling children abroad

From 26th June 2012 children must have their own photo-ID card or passport when travelling. From this date onwards existing entries of children in their parents passports are no longer valid.
Children travelling to the United States of America are only eligible for ‘Visa Waiver Program’ if they hold a valid passport with digital photo in it. Children nationals of countries not eligible for ‘Visa Waiver Program’ or with non-digital photo in their passports must apply for visa before entering the U.S.A..
Please refer to your passport issuing office for further details before the flight.


Vaccinations may be an entry requirement of some countries so check with the foreign mission of the countries you are intending to visit or transit. In some countries you may be refused entry or required to have the vaccination at the border.

Pregnant women

Women who have reached the sixth month of pregnancy are advised to contact well in advance their airline of choice which might require a medical certificate confirming their fitness to fly. 

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