Security controls

Passengers and their hand luggage will be screened by airport security staff before being allowed to access the boarding area (sterile area). For the safety of all passengers and to speed up security checks, please follow the instructions shown on the monitors at security control. Items not allowed in the cabin will be confiscated and will not be stored by Airport Security.

Passengers carrying syringes for the treatment of specific complaints and passengers with pacemakers must show a medical certificate. They should also inform the security officers of their condition before going through the security check.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend you read carefully the conditions of carriage applied by your airline well in advance: this will also give you time to communicate any special requirements you might have.

In particular, if you need to carry medication in your cabin luggage we suggest you also carry your doctor’s prescription, as you might be asked to show it at security control. If you need to travel with essential medical equipment in addition to your hand baggage and/or hold baggage, you must contact your airline in advance to check whether any specific clearance is needed.

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