SOGAER faces the role of managing the main access door of the Island with a strong sense of responsibility. The organisation commits to deliver airport services of the highest quality and safety levels and to plan the expansion of the airport infrastructures while endorsing the economic development of both the airport and its territory.

The airport managing company takes care of planning, building and maintaining infrastructures and plants, delivering centralized services, subletting commercial and catering activities while coordinating all the different subjects operating at the airport.

With the aim of constantly improving all services delivered directly and indirectly to passengers and guests of Cagliari Airport, SOGAER takes full responsibility also for the quality standards of the other operators which provide services at the airport.

In compliance with Italian DPCM 31/12/98 and Circular ENAC GEN06/2014 and 02B/2021, SOGAER commits to monitor the quality of services delivered at the airport in terms of customer satisfaction, efficiency and adequacy of the infrastructures.

The quality of service at Cagliari Airport is assessed primarily through four data gathering sessions, which are carried out in the most representative periods of the airport activity. Every year, the survey on actual and perceived service quality is carried out by an external firm specialised in customer satisfaction surveys, to guarantee fully objective results.

The satisfaction of airport users and passengers is assessed through face-to-face interviews while speed of service delivery (check-in, security screening and baggage reclaim) is measured through objective monitoring, while infrastructures’ adequacy is monitored by means of regular checks on operational standards and requirements.

Besides all the quality factors listed in Circular ENAC GEN06/2014 and 02B/2021, SOGAER surveys the customer satisfaction level of some services related to the assistance provided to disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility.

The evaluation of the data gathered by the surveys is a useful tool for highlighting possible critical factors and taking improvement action.

By publishing every year its Service Charter, SOGAER declares its commitment to guarantee the best standard of service together with all the other Italian airports for the coming year.

Furthermore in the ‘Airport Regulations’ SOGAER has defined the minimum service standards required from all operators in order to satisfy Cagliari Airport’s customers on a regular basis. All parties operating at the airport have to abide by the ‘Airport Regulations’ for any reason exception taken for extraordinary conditions affecting the main operational processes related to the airport activities (e.g. regularity of service during flight operations, handling of outbound baggage, queuing times for check-in and security screenings, waiting times for disembarking and baggage reclaim procedures).

The careful management of airport customers’ comments and complaints has been proven to be an additional help in monitoring the quality standards of the services provided at Cagliari Airport.

SOGAER has established a system for receiving and responding to comments and complaints submitted by Cagliari-Elmas airport passengers and visitors, that has helped the company in improving the quality of the airport’s services.

SOGAER guarantees a reply within 30 days, but only to comments without offensive language and bearing the sender’s name, address and signature. In the last three years the average response time has been 6 days.

Airport Service Charter

In accordance with Enac regulations, Sogaer probes for measuring the airport quality services and releases the outcomes recorded during the previous year and those that are expected in the current annuity, in connection with the indicators that belong to the following quality factors:

  • Safety and security
  • Regularity and punctuality of service
  • Cleanliness ad hygienic conditions
  • Comfort during the time spent at the airport
  • Additional services
  • Information for customers
  • Check-in and security screening
  • Multi-modal transport integration

In addition to this, the Airport Service Charter shows the outcomes attained last year and those expected for the next one in reference with the service dedicated to the disabled passengers as laid down in the pertaining Italian and EU regulations on this matter (see REGULATION (EC) No. 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air).

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