Sardegna Terra d'incantesimo

Sardinia, land of enchantment

Sardinia’s enchanting charme has been celebrated over the years by many writers and poets. Today, the island strikes each and every visitor with the beauty of its nature, its genuine people and the nostalgia feeling that it conveys.

The late 19th century travellers appreciated Sardinia for being somehow exotic, while the rest of Europe had already lost its exoticism. In the Sixties VIPs, jet-setters and celebrities felt at home here, as many modern tourists do now, in times when the availability of flights makes it accessible all year round. Today, Sardinia lives up to its reputation as dream destination for travellers.

Great outdoors, a pristine environment where land and sea offer the best and the most natural ingredients for a truly unique cuisine, combined with exceptional genetic features, allow some areas of Sardinia to record one of the highest percentage of centenarians in the world and to achieve the prestigious and rare status of ‘Blue Zones’.

Choosing Sardinia means diving in one of the most beautiful seas of the planet, enjoying an infinity of sun-soaked white sandy beaches, taking the opportunity to fully recharge both mentally and physically while being surrounded by unspoilt nature and enjoying the unmistakable scent of Mediterranean herbs and plants.

Sardinia is a land where history and time flow gently in the shade of the many Nuraghi, inside a Domus de Janas or simply facing a menhir. It is a one-of-a-kind world, where warriors, giants and priestesses proudly emerge from an ancient past that has never been forgotten.

Sardinia awaits you to enchant you forever.


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