Driving & parking: new regulations

Starting from September 25th 2018 new traffic regulations apply to roads and parking areas surrounding Cagliari Airport. With the aim of improving the safe and smooth flow of road traffic, the airport managing company has issued a set of new rules and increased by 128,6% the amount of parking spaces available for free (320 in total).

Every road leading to the airport and its parking areas is now equipped with an access gate that will open by collecting a ticket issued when pushing the designated button. Drivers will be able to enter 4 parking areas with the same ticket or leave the airport with no charges within 10 minutes.

When parking in the Kiss&Fly (Departures level), in the Terminal (Arrivals level) or in the Fronte Arrivi (Arrivals level) areas, the first 10 minutes are free of charge. If payment is requested, drivers will need to enter their ticket in the payment machine (or pay the cashier in the Multistorey car park) before exiting the parking area and the airport area. The gates located on the airport exit roads will open by inserting a valid ticket in the card slot.

A new ticket will be issued by entering the Low Cost parking area.

Drivers staying longer than 10 minutes in the airport area without entering a car park or using the 10 free minutes allowance more than 3 times in a day, will be required to pay 15 euros.

See attachments for details on fares and regulations (IT only).



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