With its mild climate all year round, its 1,900 km coastline and its fascinating history, Sardinia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Nature, culture and sport 365 days a year make Cagliari and South Sardinia a destination capable of satisfying the needs of all travellers. Tourists can enjoy climbing and trekking in the mountains, horse riding in the Regional Parks or playing golf in every season. The coastal breezes are perfect for all sailing sports and, when the Mistral wind blows, it is even possible to surf the waves. Sardinia offers unique archaeological sites, never ending beaches and amazing scuba-diving spots within and around the Marine Parks.

Sardinia, the ideal connection point between Europe and Africa, East and West of the Mediterranean Sea, is appreciated worldwide for its delightful gastronomy and its local wines.

No matter if on a business trip or on vacation, the journey to discover Sardinia starts easily from Cagliari, its main city, located in the southern part of the Island. Cagliari Airport is only 7 km away from the city centre and 60% of the population of Sardinia lives in its catchment area.

Cagliari Airport handles more than 52% of the total regional air traffic and is well integrated in a developed infrastructure network, including a large transhipment port, an area of 8,000 ha specifically laid out for industrial use and a technological park dedicated to scientific research at the highest international level.

Arriving at Cagliari Airport, you will be greeted by the staff working at the Tourist Information Desk. The operators will be glad to help you discover Sardinia at its best, whether you are on a business trip or on vacation.

For detailed online information on Sardinian landscapes, culture and coming events, you may find useful visiting the following websites:



created by the Sardinian Region in order to showcase the tourist appeal of our Island, it offers tips and hints on what to do and what to see and a lot of detailed info on places, nature, events, culture and eno-gastronomy to help you plan your trip according to your interests




created by the Sardinian Region for a virtual tour of our Island. By downloading a free software, you will enjoy a fascinating bird’s eye view of coasts and beaches, rural and urban landscapes. The easiest way to explore the most beautiful spots in Sardinia, no matter if by the sea or on the hills, in a small village or a city



created by the Municipality of Cagliari, it includes itineraries and practical information on Sardinia’s main city, its services and its highlights in terms of culture and entertainment



created by ENITthe Italian Tourism Authority, this website helps you discover the charming side of Sardinia and the rest of Italy. For each region, four thematic areas such as 'Description', 'What to see', 'What to do', 'What to taste' and other interesting info for travellers.

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