Air Traffic strike on July 17th 2022: list of cancelled flights

Due to due to a nationwide air traffic strike on July 17th 2022, service disruptions may occur throughout the day.

Cagliari Airport invites all passenger departing next Sunday to check the flight status of their flights before heading to the airport and to contact the airlines for any further information.

As of now, here are the flights that have already been cancelled:

VOLOTEA V71798 from Naples STA 16:20
VOLOTEA V71129 from Milan Linate STA 20:30
VOLOTEA V71117 from Rome Fiumicino STA 17:25
VOLOTEA V71282 from Venice STA 17:25
RYANAIR FR375 from Catania STA 13:40
RYANAIR FR1921 from Naples STA 18:40
RYANAIR FR4568 from Warsaw STA 20:10
RYANAIR FR4706 from Bergamo STA 17:30
RYANAIR FR4829 from Bruxelles Charleroi STA 15:25
RYANAIR FR9157 from Malta STA 13:25
RYANAIR FR5259 from Karlsruhe-Baden STA 14:40
RYANAIR FR8690 from Turin STA 19:30
ITA AIRWAYS AZ1597 from Rome Fiumicino STA 18:20
ITA AIRWAYS AZ1560 from Milan Linate STA 18:50
ITA AIRWAYS AZ1504 from Milan Malpensa STA 15:15

VOLOTEA V71799 to Naples STD 13:15
VOLOTEA V71128 to Milan Linate STD 17:05
VOLOTEA V71283 to Venice STD 17:55
RYANAIR FR376 to Catania STD 14:05
RYANAIR FR4569 to Warsaw STD 14:30
RYANAIR FR4655 to Naples STD 15:55
RYANAIR FR4707 to Bergamo STD 17:55
RYANAIR FR4828 to Bruxelles Charleroi STD 10:30
RYANAIR FR9158 to Malta STD 13:50
RYANAIR FR5258 to Karlsruhe-Baden STD 10:30
RYANAIR FR8689 to Turin STD 16:15
ITA AIRWAYS AZ1559 to Milan Linate STD 19:35
ITA AIRWAYS AZ1501 to Rome Fiumicino STD 19:05
ITA AIRWAYS AZ1519 to Verona STD 16:00

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