Exhibitions by Bob Marongiu and CIF @ Cagliari Airport Library

The exhibition Corto Maltese Verso Nuove Rotte, on view through Sunday, December 4 at Palazzo di Città in the oldtown of Cagliari, is linked to some further cultural events taking place in other prestigious locations. Among these, there are two interesting exhibitions hosted by the Cagliari Airport Library: one is provided by Bob Marongiu, while the other is curated by Centro Internazionale del Fumetto.

Today at Cagliari Airport both exhibitions have been the focus of a press conference coordinated by the local councillor for Culture Ms Maria Dolores Picciau. The artist Bob Marongiu attended the meeting together with the writer Bepi Vigna (CIF) and the illustrator Stefania Costa (CIF).

(click here to see a videoclip of today's press conference)

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